Life With a Little Patina

June 7th, 2007…..Patina was born. What started as way to work a couple days a week and make some extra cash has turned into a FULL TIME job with many ups and downs. Don’t misunderstand I LOVE my store, but oh boy! What a ride!!!

I am a lover of local art and I consider MANY things art. A beautiful painting or a fabulous piece of pottery. But, I also consider that thrown out piece of trash on the curb, a caterpillar just waiting to turn into a BEAUTIFUL butterfly!!!

Patina has taught me many life lessons and I am always fascinated with what lesson God is trying to teach me by what may enter my door on any given day. So, please join me on this ride and hopefully we can all learn from each other!!! I’m just a little caterpillar working on my wings.